Welcome to MATCHFIT®, the ultimate platform for making the perfect college connection, using a time-tested, proven approach!

MATCHFIT® Certified

Earn your MATCHFIT® certification now! As someone who cares about your students, our training courses ensure that you have the knowledge and power to impact their futures by guiding them to colleges where they will thrive.

Certified Instructors

Using our proven approach, time-tested over 30+ years, MATCHFIT® Certified Instructors are specially trained to help students and student-athletes to reach the perfect college and fulfill their collegiate dreams on a path to personal and professional success. Instructors are certified to administer the MATCHFIT® curriculum on multiple levels, with each level being a prerequisite to move to the next.

Instructor – Level 1
MATCHFIT Instructor - Level 1 Badge
Navigating The Maze To The Perfect College

Setting Goals & Expectations for the College Search Process

Defining Roles for Students, Parents, Teachers, Coaches, etc.

Types of Colleges & Degrees that are Available

Breaking Down the Real Costs of College

Examining Financial Aid Types & Availability

FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

College Sports Options & Opportunities

College Sports Eligibility to Play

Marketing Yourself to Potential Colleges

Grades & Standardized Testing (PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT)

How Does the College Admissions Process Work?

FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Analyzing Colleges Based on Unique Wants & Needs

Narrowing the Search & Choosing a College

General Tasks & Timelines

Instructor – Level 2
MATCHFIT Instructor - Level 2 Badge
Student Software Procedures & Best Practices

How Does MATCHFIT® Help Students & Student-Athletes?

Getting Started: Account Activation & Login

Student Account Credential Retrieval

The MATCHFIT® Profile: All About YOU

Additional Features for Student-Athletes

Building a Virtual High School Transcript

Evaluating Academic Eligibility for NCAA & NAIA

Matching to Colleges with True-Fit Technology

Exploring Your MATCHFIT® Matches

Connecting with Admissions Officers & College Coaches

Logging Your Recruiting Connections

Favorite Colleges & Tracking Admissions Progress

Building the Perfect Student Resume

Constructing an Effective Cover Letter

Exam Prep, NetPrice Calculator, Videos, & Finding Your Way

Instructor – Level 3
MATCHFIT Instructor - Level 3 Badge
Administrative Suite Software Fundamentals

Manager Account Activation & Login

Manager Account Credential Retrieval

Group-Based Structure & Root Group Permissions

The Manager Dashboard

Exploring the Group Tree Hierarchy

Understanding Group Rosters

Group Roster: Student Users Display

Group Roster Management: Adding & Removing

Monitoring Student Account Activations

Building & Saving Custom Student Brochures

Viewing Students' Full Profiles

Accessing Students' Favorite Colleges Lists

Tracking Students' Recruiting Connections

Best Practices & Techniques for Instructors

Certified Coordinators

Certified Coordinators undergo training to effectively implement the MATCHFIT® curriculum among large groups of students and student-athletes by utilizing efficient logistics and organization, in harmony with the full power of the MATCHFIT® Administrative Suite.

Program Coordinator
MATCHFIT Program Coordinator Badge
Administrative Suite Full Software Proficiency

Administrative Account Levels & Permissions

The Coordinator Dashboard

Root Group Coordinator Interface

Customizing the Group Tree Structure

Subscription Information & License Allotment

Student User Management & Quantity

Administrative User Count & Activation Status

Administrative User Levels & Group Assignments

Administrative User Account Management

Rostered Users & Activation Status

Group Roster Management

Group-Based Settings & Customization

User Activation Code Functionality

Renewal Options & Procedures

Executive Coordinator
MATCHFIT Executive Coordinator Badge
Efficient Large-Scale Program Implementation

Interfacing with MATCHFIT® Staff for Best Results

Research/Development for Optimal Implementation

Communication Channels & Logistics

Customization of Program Features

Coordination of Events & Meetings

Building an Effective Group Tree Structure

Subscription & Account Licensing Structure

Account Distribution Strategies

Program Implementation Timelines

Administrative Training for Staff

Student User Tracking & Progress

Program Goals, Growth, & Flexibility