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A Fresh Approach To Admissions & Recruiting

Every second of every day, MATCHFIT® members around the world are choosing the right college, based on personal preferences, and saving thousands of dollars each year. With over 2200 universities and 30+ sanctioned sports, covering NCAA Division I, II, III – NAIA – USCAA – CCCAA – NCCAA – U Sports and NJCAA, students and student-athletes can instantly link, share, and connect with admissions officers and college coaches to tell their stories.
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We reach students in an engaging way that keeps their interest and makes finding the perfect experience more pleasant.

We make connections just a click away by integrating our industry leading database with click to dial and click to email functionality.

The application scores each university based on your individual preferences and displays the schools that have the best fit.

We give constructive feedback based on criteria, such as test scores, to help students plan and pursue realistic opportunities.

Students learn the crucial ins and outs of searching for a college and trying to get recruited.

We specialize in helping student athletes connect with college programs through our patented matching system and database.

Students have access to many resources. They can download personal resumes and covers letters with little effort from the student.

Completing a student profile is quick and easy. The experience is user friendly, engrossing and gives feedback to encourage progress.

Interactive checklists help students track their efforts. Adminstrators can view a students profile and progress from a simple interface.

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MATCHFIT® is re-defining the way college admissions and sports recruiting works, and using this proven approach, it's the #1 choice for schools, clubs, organizations, and families. From college academics to athletics or scholarships and aid, finding the perfect location, religious affiliation, degree plans or majors – the right college is just a click away. With unlimited access, including free practice PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, get ready to save time and money! Read More
Since changes are updated in real-time by the college or sports department MATCHFIT® uses artificial intelligence [AI] and, the proprietary technology is designed to help members find what they are looking for, by giving them a better experience and competitive advantage. Read More
MATCHFIT® with its powerful algorithms, personalized experience, dominant college admissions and, sports platform, will search hundreds of two and, four year universities large and, small across the USA and, Canada and, provide members the best colleges, because the right university connection matters.


Connection Manager

We put the coaches directly in front of the student and allow them to keep track of which programs they have communicated with.

Custom Matches

We match students with universities based on their profile and preferences. Fine tune the perfect college experience with real time feedback.


Flag interesting colleges and universities by adding them to the favorites list. Then, track the application process from start to finish.

Resume Builder

Students can download fully formatted resumes to distribute to universities and coaches. Resumes are automatically built from student profiles.

Cover Letters

Student athletes get advice and examples on how to approach college coaches and administrators. Minimal input with professional results.

Invaluable Knowledge

We literally wrote the book on college recruiting and pack those years of experience into an engaging platform and application.

By the Numbers


College Coaches

We wrote the book on college recruiting and now the power of our industry
leading database is at the fingertips of students.



Our database includes just about every university, however we do not
include for profit universities in our listings.


Sports Programs

We have the most exhaustive database of sports programs. Our database
is so exhaustive and unique it was filed in the Library of Congress.


Members Helped

For 30 years we have helped countless students achieve their college
dreams. We can help all students from all backgrounds succeed.