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MATCHFIT® – Creating a college and career path for students & athletes.

If your members and their families are looking for colleges that offer certain scholarships, programs of study, types of degrees, or coaches that are actively recruiting – MATCHFIT® does this and more, using true-fit technology for a simple and easy way to connect.

Using a user-friendly intuitive process, MATCHFIT® is able to search and compare thousands of universities and athletic programs in the United States and Canada, instantly eliminating 99.7% of those that are not compatible with a student's academic, geographic, social, financial, and/or athletic goals.

MATCHFIT® makes it easy to create your personal profile, which can include a photo, academic history, athletic history, social media, personal videos, and much more, tremendously increasing the likelihood of finding a good college match within a short period of time. It is now simpler than ever to link, share, and connect with universities!

Remember, finding a true-fit is based on the ability to meet or exceed admission requirements and, if the plan includes playing college sports, to be realistic in your ability and what you have to offer.

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MATCHFIT® is re-defining the way college admissions and sports recruiting works, and using this proven approach, it's the #1 choice for schools, clubs, organizations, and families. From college academics to athletics or scholarships and aid, finding the perfect location, religious affiliation, degree plans or majors – the right college is just a click away. With unlimited access, including free practice PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, get ready to save time and money! Read More
Since changes are updated in real-time by the college or sports department MATCHFIT® uses artificial intelligence [AI] and, the proprietary technology is designed to help members find what they are looking for, by giving them a better experience and competitive advantage. Read More
MATCHFIT® with its powerful algorithms, personalized experience, dominant college admissions and, sports platform, will search hundreds of two and, four year universities large and, small across the USA and, Canada and, provide members the best colleges, because the right university connection matters.