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Matchfit® for Schools


MATCHFIT® assists caring teachers, counselors, coaches, and other staff by helping students develop the skills they need to prepare for a post-secondary education, college sports, or the professional world.

As parents, teachers, coaches, and leaders we all remember someone who has helped us along the way. That is why we believe: where you come from should never define where you are going.

MATCHFIT® is a powerful smart-search platform, making it easy for students to connect with the best college matches, academically, financially, and socially, and if the goal is to play sports in college, the best shot at being a game changer.

For students and athletes who were once locked out of a higher education due to cost or mediocre SAT or ACT scores, the tide is turning. Today, amid growing disenchantment with standardized tests, a large and growing number of universities is getting rid of the SAT/ACT requirements for admission.

MATCHFIT® true-fit technology makes it easy for students who fear they may not have the money or academic pedigree for college by highlighting universities where students can be admitted and be successful without going into debt, providing as many promising options and opportunities as possible. MATCHFIT® seamlessly sorts through thousands of colleges, eliminating 99.7% of those that not compatible with the student's academic, geographic, social, financial, and/or athletic goals.

As each member personalizes his/her own plan, our true-fit technology streamlines the entire process, from beginning to end, with exceptional accuracy and consistency in every search. Utilizing innovative tools and resources, members have reliable personalized matches and accurate college choices.

For members who want to utilize testing resources or financial aid/scholarship tools, MATCHFIT® includes FREE practice PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, the Netprice Calculator, and more, saving families hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars annually.

To help maximize success, all MATCHFIT® members have access to customer care specialists, available by phone, email, and social media to answer questions and provide tips &ndash FREE!

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MATCHFIT® is re-defining the way college admissions and sports recruiting works, and using this proven approach, it's the #1 choice for schools, clubs, organizations, and families. From college academics to athletics or scholarships and aid, finding the perfect location, religious affiliation, degree plans or majors – the right college is just a click away. With unlimited access, including free practice PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, get ready to save time and money! Read More
Since changes are updated in real-time by the college or sports department MATCHFIT® uses artificial intelligence [AI] and, the proprietary technology is designed to help members find what they are looking for, by giving them a better experience and competitive advantage. Read More
MATCHFIT® with its powerful algorithms, personalized experience, dominant college admissions and, sports platform, will search hundreds of two and, four year universities large and, small across the USA and, Canada and, provide members the best colleges, because the right university connection matters.