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The connection between college and high school / youth coaches is a critical, yet often an underappreciated, part of the recruiting process. While recruiting services tell kids/parents their youth/high school coaches can’t help them – the fact is you are probably the most important person that can. With 89% of your time spent on training and, preparing for events, finding time to call colleges or help students create an awesome resume is limited. What if you could access artificial intelligence [AI] and, help all your students make a great university connection?

With MATCHFIT® as your assistant players and, parents will have a personalized and, customize college plan that will connect them to universities offering the right degree, in the right location, at the right price, with the right playing opportunity where they can be a game changer and, all you need to do is review and, approve the offer from the college coach.

From create a resume that highlights academic and athletic accomplishments while promoting what makes your organization standout – and, let you focus on what you do best professionally training players and, helping them take their game to the next level.

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MATCHFIT® is re-defining the way college admissions and sports recruiting works, and using this proven approach, it's the #1 choice for schools, clubs, organizations, and families. From college academics to athletics or scholarships and aid, finding the perfect location, religious affiliation, degree plans or majors – the right college is just a click away. With unlimited access, including free practice PSAT/SAT/ACT testing, get ready to save time and money! Read More
Since changes are updated in real-time by the college or sports department MATCHFIT® uses artificial intelligence [AI] and, the proprietary technology is designed to help members find what they are looking for, by giving them a better experience and competitive advantage. Read More
MATCHFIT® with its powerful algorithms, personalized experience, dominant college admissions and, sports platform, will search hundreds of two and, four year universities large and, small across the USA and, Canada and, provide members the best colleges, because the right university connection matters.